Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

Hooray for Hollywood!

Karinn, Liz & myself woke up fairly early to get a head start. Well, to tell the truth....Karinn woke up around 7AM ("It's 8AM our time!"), slowly woke Liz up, & I dragged my feet until around 8AM. I am a big 8 hours a night advocate. I need my beauty rest.

Anyway, we all showered, ate some breakfast, & then headed out. I needed to run a few errands first, so we did that. I had to go by the post office to mail a package to my friend Gobly in the Netherlands (the p.o. was too crowded, so I left without mailing it), & drop some videos off at Blockbuster. Then we were on our way to Hollywood. I decided to take them there. Liz had never even been to California, & frankly, I think every CA virgin needs to experience Hollywood. I had also planned to take them to Universal Citywalk, too, later in the day.

Our first stop? Hollywood Wigs. I go there every so often. The owner recognizes me & gives me discounts. She is a sweet little Asian woman named Ellen. Anyway....I bought some inexpensive wigs (some very cool ones), Karinn bought some (well, one wig & 3 falls), & Liz bought a wig & a fall. We spent 2 hours in this wig store. We must have tried on tons of different wigs. Since my hair is so straight, I really wanted a curly haired wig (I look best in red hair & blonde hair), but curls just look like too much hair on my petite little face. Bummer. Then I went down to Mann's Chinese Theatre, where we parked the car in an all-day lot. We walked...gosh, I really don't know how far we walked. I feel like it was a couple of miles...but I am really bad with distance. There are so many cool shops. I really wanted an Asian inspired dress from my cruise this summer, but I really don't have an Asian body type! So the cuts just didn't look good on me. :-( We walked quite a ways down one side of the street, pointing out the stars of the celebrities we enjoy(ed) along the Walk of Fame, & then we crossed the street, had lunch at Popeyes, & walked back along the other side. I bought some inexpensive jewelry, finally found some Asian blouses that fit me well, & bought a bunch of incense (I LOVE incense, & at 20 sticks for a buck, how can ya go wrong?). I got a really sexy & fun pair of dress heels. Everything I got was really cheap. I found a cologne that my neighbor/friend, Nick, had been looking for everywhere for ages. He used to import it from Europe, & had never seen it in the states. I was so excited to find it for him, & it was incredibly cheap ($15 for a pretty big bottle). We walked past El Capitan, & crossed the street to walk past Mann's Chinese Theatre & all the celebrity hand/footprints (I always like to see Marilyn Monroe's), & then, our feet killing us, headed back to the car.

We went home, took showers, put on our sassy wigs, & then went to La Petite Chateau to have Chocolat Creme Brulee & Grand Marnier Creme Brulee (& Karinn also ordered a Chestnut Chocolat Mousse Cake). Yummy! I take all my friends to try these creme brulees, they are sinfully good.

My favorite waiter was there, John. I have been going to this restaurant for years, so they know me there. I used to have a crush on him, until I found out he smoked & had a girlfriend (I won't date a smoker). He is considerably older than me (I guessed 42 & he said older, but wouldn't tell me exactly), but handsome & sexy & smart. I said "hi" to him when he walked by, & he said "hi" back, but I could tell he didn't really recognize me. My wig was pretty wild, & way different than the regular me. Finally, he realized who I was, & came over to talk. He said I looked totally different, but it was really cute (the wig). I pointed out that Karinn & Liz were wearing wigs, too (actually, Karinn was only wearing a fall), but since he didn't know what they normally look like, it didn't mean much to him to know that. He kept walking by & pretending to eavesdrop, so I would say things like, "Doesn't John have a cute ass," when he would walk by, & he'd laugh (& Karinn & Liz would be embarrassed...heh!).

We told John we were headed to karaoke at Acapulco's after dessert, & he thought we were SO much fun, that he asked us if he could meet us there. He wanted to make sure we weren't going to pick up men. LOL...Karinn is married, & Liz & I weren't picking up men, that's for sure!

So we finished up dessert, & took off for karaoke. It was packed, so we each only got to sing one song. For a while, it didn't look like John would show up, but he did (he went home to change clothes). He got there just in time to hear me sing "Summer Nights" with the host (& my friend), Paul. Karinn did a wonderful rendition of a Patsy Cline song, & Liz did a spirited Bon Jovi number, with me on harmonies.

We had a blast, & stayed until closing (12:30AM). We then hung out in the parking lot for a bit, talking, while John & Karinn had a smoke. John said he wanted to come again sometime, so I gave him my numbers to call me if he wanted to come, to make sure I was going. I wonder if he will call.

He told me that he was going to try to quit smoking....and I get the impression that he is no longer dating anyone....so who knows?

But I get the feeling that I avoid any dating situation that could turn serious right now....I guess I don't feel ready. I mean, I liked this guy for a long time, & now that it looks like he might be interested....I freak out! Of course, as long as he continues to smoke, it's a moot issue.

Sadly....I have to give up my friends tomorrow morning. :-(

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