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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???

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1 December
I am an aspiring TV/film star. Mark my words: I will be a celebrity. You can count on that. I have had a few (very small) roles in some major films, but to this point, have mostly done theatre. I had a fairly good-sized role in a big film, "Princess Diaries 2." Yep, I am in it, get good face time, & even talk! :-)

Causes I care about are the ASPCA, AIDS research, cancer research, the American Lung Association, stem cell research, any animal charity, & the American Red Cross. I hope to be very wealthy one day, so that I may help these charities out much, much more than I can now (not to mention helping out my treasured friends who may need my help). I intend to open several no-kill shelters for unwanted animals, & use my fame to get the animals adopted. I want to do positive things with my money & fame! :-)

I performed in a elementary school assembly program for 5 years, teaching kids what I am passionate about: no alcohol, no drugs, no drinking, no gangs! I hope to lead by example when I am a celebrity, be a positive role model...alcohol & drugs serve no purpose in life. If you have a problem or foresee a conflict in having a friend who is PASSIONATELY opposed to drugs/smoking/excessive drinking, then perhaps you should re-think adding me as a friend. Inevitably, I will get passionate about smoking or drugs or drinking & might offend someone who does that stuff. I never intend to offend anyone...I just tend to have a case of "open mouth, insert foot" or "look before you leap-itis."

I am adamantly pro-choice, pro-euthanasia, pro-stem cell research, pro-capital punishment (when there is no doubt), anti-rude people, anti-legalization, etc.

I am mommy to an adorable cat, Duncan. Duncan is like his mommy...a drama queen (don't let him know I said that, he thinks he's macho). He is adorable, sweet, & very affectionate, once he gets to know & trust you. He's a little cautious at first. I have had Duncan since around 1992-ish. I fostered two kittens, Gus & Bella, & then found them a good home with my ex boyfriend's family. They are very happy there. I recently put my other cat, Ernie, to sleep, & it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. He was an absolute dream cat.

Along those lines...I have no intention or desire to have children, & don't wish to date a man with kids (unless they are older & don't live with him). I would like to have a large property someday with lots of animals, though....cats, dogs, bunnies, guinea pigs, alpacas, horses, rats, chinchillas, ferrets, etc....

I am single....again. I have been unsuccessful in finding a man up to the challenge that is moi. I am extraordinarily picky. I don't have the space to list what I want in a romantic partner, but it's a long, hard-to-find list. Good thing I am in no hurry to get married.

I am quite the drama queen...so you can expect my journal to be quite dramatic. I actually don't look for or try to cause drama...it just has a way of finding me. I think it might be because I am both extremely passionate AND extremely stubborn. I like to think it's pretty funny, too...thanks mostly to people on my friends list who are funny as hell.

If you are considering adding me, just please know that I don't have a lot of time to read my friends journals all the time. I do my best to keep up at well as I can. But if you are the type who "requires" someone to pay as much attention to your journal as you do to theirs, move along, please. I welcome anyone to point me in the direction of a particular post that they really want me to read. I would sit here all day & do nothing BUT keep up with my friends if I could, trust me. That said....hop onboard!

Frequently described as "Pollyanna" due to my typically sunny outlook, I DO have a sassy side (which pops up on these boards occasionally). I try as hard as I can to maintain a positive attitude, but sometimes life beats me down. So I hope you can deal with some downer posts from time to time. My biggest stress in life is money, so you will see a lot of that.

I am a total LJ addict. I LOVE it. I LOVE the creators, they ROCK! I have met sooooo many fabulous people through LJ...both in person & online. When it comes to the riches of friends, I am a billionaire! :-) These days, I hardly have enough time to keep up with my own journal, much less those of my friends, but I think of everyone often.

I may be rich in friends, but when it comes to reality, I am poverty striken. I struggle to come up with money for kitty litter & cat food....much less food for me! I am not making ends meet. And I know there are lots of generous people out there. If you have an extra buck one week or month, or a little cash to spare & feel like donating to "charity," may I be your charity? I am pursuing my dream. I think that's a good cause. :-) Since whenever *I* have extra money, I help out everyone possible, I believe that there are others like me out there. If you want to donate money so that I can see a doctor, buy groceries, buy food for my cats, pay my electric bill, or whatever....click this PayPal link here, & you can make a donation directly into my account (the link will take you straight to my account). I promise not to use any of the money for "frivolous" purchases (CDs, clothes, etc.), ONLY for "necessities" (food, gas, doctor visits, etc.). You have my word. I know some people don't like it when people ask for things....but I feel if you can't rely on your friends in a time of need, who can you turn to? And I am Southern, so I always believe in the kindness of strangers....:-) Let's make it clear: I don't EXPECT donations....but it sure would be a pleasant & helpful surprise if I got some! *grin*

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